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the wulf. 2014 fundraiser

we have raised $2420 of our $10,000 goal

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Dear the wulf. community,

Last summer we raised $8,700. The donations kept the wulf. going for the past season which included several special efforts and exciting accomplishments. the wulf. records released its first LP Rounds and we initiated a curatorial residency in which a young artist was invited to participate in and learn about running the organization. Also, if you have not perused our website in a while, you will find that almost all the audio documentation of the 250+ events we have organized is now streamable. Please help us continue.

Our email list is almost 800 strong, and our Facebook page has 1700+ likes. If everyone on the list donates $10 to $20, we can reach our goal of $10,000 or more very fast. Or if you are feeling generous, perhaps we can nip this in the bud quickly. We dislike asking for money, but it is necessary. And… once we meet our goal, we are throwing a party.